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Collaboration Services

Featured collaboration Services

At Horizon Networks, we provide more than just technical expertise. To enhance internal and external collaboration and network security solutions, Horizon network provides intelligent, institutional, and resilient solutions. Our collaboration services include:

IP Telephony

Today intelligent collaboration is backed up by IP telephony solutions London, bring your device (BYOD), video conferencing solutions London, audio phones, and other remote communication devices.

Unified Communication

We offer unified collaboration services in London that does not only cater to internal collaborative needs but stakeholders and clients as well. The biggest business asset is the collaborative environment today.

SIP Trunks

Interconnectivity among devices, processes, people and business functions brings efficiency and fosters profitability, thus boosting the ways of innovation and progress through unified communication services in London. Enterprise-level collaboration solutions empower business delegates and working teams and sprout their working relationships through SIP trunks.

Video Conferencing

Our Video conferencing solutions have paved the roads for more one-to-one collaboration providing businesses and their IT setups an innovative edge over competitors. Horizon networks have one of the greatest minds behind creating, launching and configuring collaborative solutions for SMEs, mid-market and large enterprises.

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