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MARKETING DIGITAL SMM, SEM, SEO, PPC SERVICES PROACTIVE DEVELOPMENT to tackle problems before the happen NETWORKING SOLUTIONS to tackle problems before the happen SEO SERVICES GROW YOUR BUSINESS SEO services are services typically offered by an SEO agency that helps your company succeed in search engine optimization.
Network Solution
Network security solutions is essential to conducting business success and it's foremost in the minds of our customers.
Web Design
We provide customized solutions to support your business needs. We have extensive experience in network designing and its implementation.
Security Network
We build reliable networks and business communication solutions that help people get their work done.
Smart Wifi
Smart Wi-Fi is a collection of technologies, all designed to extend the range and reliability of wireless signals.

Horizon Networks

Let Horizon Networks help you to enhance your network

Many companies experience problems with slow wireless networks, high level of interference and black spots in their office where they are unable to get any wireless signals. Horizon  has developed a guide for small businesses with tips on how to get a better and faster wireless network, as a stable and fast Wi-Fi, with reach across the entire office, can help increase productivity.

We offer range of manage service solution designed as per our needs whether it’s just outsourcing a single element of your IT to a full IT Infrastructure outsource, we are your team. We are experts in delivering managed services across wide range of sectors including private, public and finance.
Network Services
As we all know that network is a backbone of every modern business. Our Network services include wide range of networking solutions. This might be connecting your business to internet via range of different connections or performing a core refresh,
Collaboration Services
At Flux Networks we provide more than just technical expertise. Our main aim is to implement fully integrated systems that supports your business well and provides a more satisfactory experience to your clients.
IT Consultancy
IT Consultancy that focuses on getting the most out of the wealth of technology available and getting it to work right for you. This ranges from optimising server and desktop configurations and networks so that the systems work in harmony.
When you register a vacancy with us, your position will be brought to the attention of very widest possible audience. We have a vast database of candidates so we have your vacancy covered.

24/7 remote desktop/server support

  • Faster response times.
  • 95% of problems can be solved.
  • We can schedule our work around you so general maintenance, virus scans, clean up and server re-starts can be done outside office hours.

Wireless solutions

When you register a vacancy with us, your position will be brought to the attention of very widest possible audience.



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Horizon Network

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